Foreign Tongues (Toulouse) is the stage performance of Foreign Tongues series. Foreign Tongues puts the act of speaking at the center of a choreographic process and reflects the experience of contemporary urban life, its polyphony and multilingualism. The starting point are voice recordings based on personal conversations with various individuals in different regions of Europe, focusing mainly on regional and minority languages. In the process of creation, the sounds of a language are connected to a movement-language, a code, an alphabet, developed by the dancers of Liquid Loft. A spoken phrase is translated into movement sequences, based on its attributes such as tone, sound, dynamics or intonation. The performances are developed from languages and jargons, reflecting the “sound environment” of the respective place.

Foreign Tongues (Toulouse)
stage performance 
Dance, Choreography: Luke Baio, Stephanie Cumming, Katharina Meves,
Arttu Palmio, Karin Pauer Artistic Direction, Choreography: Chris Haring
Composition, Sound: Andreas Berger
Light Design, Scenography: Thomas Jelinek
Costumes: Julia Cepp
Theory, Text: Stefan Grissemann
Stage Management: Roman Harrer
Photo and Video Documentation: Michael Loizenbauer
Distribution: Line Rousseau & Marion Gauvent, A PROPIC
Production Assistance: Christina Helena Romirer
Production Management: Marlies Pucher
A co-production of Tanzquartier Wien, CDC Toulouse & Liquid Loft
A very special thanks to all collaborators for voice recordings:
Aika Souleimenova, Brigitta Machtinger, Camille Chopin, Ditta Miranda Jasfi,
Emmerich Gärtner Horvath, Isabelle Piquemal, Josef Schmidt, Julie Loubere,
Luce Vergneaux, Lou Dávi, Mathieu Fauvé, Miaai Sorin-Giurgin, Martin
Horvath, Michael Machtinger, Mijiti Mukadasi, Paul Horvath, Romain Brunel,
Yoann Ducassou, Yuko Yamada, Nicki, Kim, Diana, Christa und Annemarie
Thanks to: Paul-Eric Labrosse, Walter Heun, Maison de l’Occitanie Toulouse, Anna Maria Nowak, Fritz Ostermayer, Guy Cools, Roderich Madl, Uwe Mattheiß
Duration: 65min.
Première: 16 February 2017 , Tanzquartier Wien, Halle G, AT
Liquid Loft is supported by: MA7 Kulturabteilung der Stadt Wien (Cultural Department of the City of Vienna) and BKA Bundeskanzleramt Kunst & Kultur (Austrian Federal Chancellery Arts & Culture.
Photo by: Michael Loizenbauer.

For more informations, press map, riders, financial conditions, please contact Line Rousseau and Marion Gauvent

For more information, press map, riders and financial conditions please contact Line or Marion.