Steven Michel (France, 1986-) studied mime, circus and percussion in France and graduated from P.A.R.T.S. in Brussels in 2010, where he is currently based.
In 2009, Steven went on a residency in Johannesburg (South Africa) and created the duet ± even but odd, in collaboration with Nicholas Aphane. The work was performed in various venues around Europe, as well as his graduation piece the desert of milestones (2010).

The creation of this solo started with the idea of composing scores and body rhythms that can transform into meanings and events; a rhythmical morphing of episodic imagery.
He has worked as a performer with choreographers, play and film directors such as David Zambrano (shock), Falk Richter (rausch, for the disconnected child), Lukas Dhont (l’infini), Daniel Linehan (being together without any voice), Maud le Pladec (democracy) amongst others, and he’s currently touring with Jan Martens (sweat baby sweat, victor, the

dog days are over).

Photo by: Urmeneta Ottiker