Line Rousseau (1971) is the founder of the Creative Agency A propic. Graduated from The High School of the Social Sciences Paris (Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales) and the University of Montreal, Line Rousseau has always been very interested in cultural policies in Europe and North America and in the status of artists in France and in Quebec.
In 1998, Line Rousseau moved to the Netherlands, where she discovered an innovative cultural system (dance academies and theatres, workspace for emerging artists, production houses, and great support for international sales).

After working at Productiehuis Brabant, a Dutch production house in the south of the country, Line Rousseau decided in 2005 to start her Creative Agency for International promotion for the Performing and Visual Arts.

Since then, her agency has been organizing international tours, co-productions and residencies for artists and companies. Since 2010, A propic also organizes Dutch focus in partnership with foreign venues such as Le Théâtre de Vanves, L’Usine C in Montreal and the Dance Center in Zagreb.

A propic also develops international consultancy for cultural organizations. Line Rousseau is very committed to the artistic and organizational development of the companies and artists it represents. It is therefore not only a matter of selling shows but of positioning the cultural actors on the international field corresponding to their discipline.

In 2016, Marion Gauvent came to reinforce the Agency and developed the same methodology started by Line Rousseau. Since 2015, Line Rousseau has also focused heavily on the issue of independent producers, managers and creative agents in the performing arts.

Adrien Bussy of Company FLAK (Canada), Magnus Nordberg of Nordberg Movement (Sweden) and Lene Bang (Denmark) independent producers and Line Rousseau formed the Creative Agent Manager Producer group (C.A.M.P) in 2017. It is a matter of defining the role of intermediary professions in the performing arts community and approaching their respective governments to gain recognition for their community.

Since 2010, A propic is also a member of the IETM. In 2015, Line Rousseau became a member of the commission of the Brabant C Fund. Foundation supporting international projects in the Noord-Brabant region of the Netherlands. From 2018, A propic will organize foreign Focus in collaboration with Dutch theatres and festivals.





Photo by: Maarten van den Abeele