CAMP (Creative Agent Manager Producer)

A participatory experiment on co-producing knowledge

A bold Creative Agent drives the business forward and work in a flux in-between the local and global community. The daily work is a complex “game” of synergies between different individuals, institutions, communities and expectations.


CAMP is a research project led by four individuals, working in the international field of performing arts and choreography as Creative Agents Managers Producers.

We initiate CAMP now, as we experience lack and gaps of knowledge in the dance industry: lack of security, endurance, sustainability and lack of recognition. Furthermore, we see gifted individuals leaving the dance management profession too soon, abrupting secure transfer of knowledge and sustainability. We don’t blame them; we question the conditions and awareness within the industry.

We initiate CAMP to clarify the reality of our role in the global dance sector, so it becomes more manageable. We have identified a need to unite and collaborate in a non-competitive atmosphere. We claim competition is healthy, but that alliances are needed.

CAMP takes place in Canada, Sweden, The Netherlands and Denmark, always in connection to a festival or a curated event. Here we will build competences through questions and cases by discussing and collecting urgent questions, which occupy our fellow colleagues; artists, producers, funders and curators working in the field.

On this journey– where art is at the heart of the experience– each of the four funding members of CAMP invite a young producer along, to explore industry related questions in different professional contexts. We do this to foster a dialogue within the group and with the community and setting CAMP explores.

Your engagement in CAMP secures a platform for development for the four young producers with skill and ambition to grow their knowledge and learn from peers in different cultural contexts. We claim It takes a community to grow and nurture a skilled producer, whom now and later will act as an ambassador for their local community. With CAMP, we hope to create a strong community of Creative Agents Managers Producers who will be recognized for their quality of work.

CAMP aims at identifying and developing these factors: A 360° vision of the sector, Sustainability, Transmission, Recognition, A mandate to stimulate quality and growth.

CAMP is set-up through a learning-by-doing format. It is deliberately small, yet will bring back and feed inspiration and information into the local community.

We claim we only grow as a community if we support the growth from within.

We come with this project openly to collect support and knowledge for this process while we CAMP at the following festivals with dedicated partners:

Festival TransAmériques (Montreal, CA, May – June 2018).

The Gothenburg Dance and Theatre Festival (Gothenburg, Sweden, August 2018)

Theaterfestival Boulevard (The Bosh, The Netherlands, August 2019)

Dansehallerne Copenhagen (Copenhagen, Denmark, Spring 2020).

Through your engagement in CAMP as a guest, speaker, partner or knowledge partner your contributions is first and foremost knowledge, skill and time. As a partner, you can even help us reach CAMPS fundraising target and secure a context. By supporting and working with CAMP you are investing in a critical exploration about our sector. The end product will be a written report/manifesto, produced by the eight core campers, the involved organizations and artists. The 2020 CAMP report will be yours to share and use. You are thereby part of a process of producing knowledge.


We’ve allocated different steps of involvement for CAMP. We are thankful for your curiosity and engagement.

  • Contribution in skill and conversation

You and your organization find this important and wish to share your point of view in conversation. Sign up for CAMP sessions and meet us on location.

  • Contribution through funding

Your organization finds this important and wants to support the participatory research journey through funding or residency.

  • Partnership

Your organization finds this important and wants to be a core supporter by coproducing CAMP.


This spring four young producers from Canada, Sweden, Denmark and Netherlands have accepted via invitation from the founding partners to join CAMP 2018 – 2020.


If you are interested in the development of CAMP, please get in touch with us directly. 
We thank you for taking the time to consider the project. If you are or become part of CAMP, your name and logo will be visible and you can share the research in your reports. You also get a presentation of the results of CAMP for your organization. As a partner, you can claim that you have been a driving force behind CAMP.


Adrien Bussy, Compagnie Flak, Montréal (CA)

Lene Bang, Lene Bang Org. (DK)

Line Rousseau, A Propic (NL)

Magnus Nordberg, Nordberg Movement (SE)

CO-CAMPERS: Betina Rex (DK), Sanne Wichman (NL), Anja Arnquist (SE).

PARTNERS: Festival TransAmériques (CA), The Gothenburg Dance and Theatre Festival (SE), Theaterfestival Boulevard (NL), Dansehallerne Copenhagen (DK), The Development Platform (DK). Montreal Camp is supported by: The Danish Arts Foundation, Nordisk Kulturfond, Conseil des Arts de Montreal. Early conversations, which shaped CAMP, took place during residencies at Festival TransAmériques (CA) and B.MOTION Festival (IT) in 2017. A special thanks to Denis Bergeron for encouraging CAMP.

For more informations over this project, please contact Line Rousseau


Photo by: Photo by: Maarten van den Abeele