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Theatre group De Warme Winkel has received much acclaim in recent years for a genre of their own invention: ‘oeuvre pieces’, in which the work, life and zeitgeist of an artist are hurled against the canvas of the present.

The latest artist to receive this treatment is Japanese author Junichiro Tanizaki (1886-1965). Tanizaki sketches an enviable world of sophisticated contemplation, secretive eroticism, excruciatingly elusive incidence of light, softly rustling rice paper, the silent glide of a calligraphy brush and the infinitely subtle dynamics of social interaction. For Tanizaki such refined etiquette is also a cover for destructive erotic obsessions.


This is the world we are interested in. A world accompanied by Makiko Goto on her koto where we swap our clogs for platform sandals.


‘We find beauty not in the things themselves, but in the shadow patterns, in the light and dark, one thing gives rise to in another.’

– Tanizaki, In Praise of Shadows, 1933

Concept and performance: Vincent Rietveld, Mara van Vlijmen, Ward Weemhoff
Direction: Jetse Batelaan
Koto music: Makiko Goto
Sound design: Richard Janssen
Lighting design: Ate Jan van Kampen
Technical coordination: HP Hulscher
Production coordination: Carry Hendriks
Production manager: Floortje Halters
Business manager: Silvie Dees
Business coordination: Marloes Marinussen
Marketing and publicity: Sanne van de Kraats
Office management: Thomas Vandewalle
Special thanks to: Yolande Bertsch, Théâtre Garonne
Photo by: Sofie Knijff

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26 January 2018 Teatro Mario Matos, Lissabon, PT

27 January 2018Teatro Mario Matos, Lissabon, PT

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