Privacy – Wunderbaum & De Warme Winkel

Two unconventional performer collectives join forces to stage a performance on Privacy.

The boundary between public and the intimate has been demolished and there’s no way back. ‘Privacy is no longer the social norm’, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg stated recently. Not so long ago artists moved and provoked spectators with their dirty sheets and filthy fag ends, by filming the birth of their child and sharing intimate sex scenes. An artistic era has perished as everyone now washes their dirty laundry in public.

The two performers Ward (De Warme Winkel) and Wine (Wunderbaum), also a couple in real life, test the limits of shame and intimacy while contemplating the usefulness of masks and secrets. ‘Privacy’ is choreographed as a striptease of personal confessions, ethical stances, nostalgia for the erotic and postprivate pornography.

Concept, text & performers: Ward Weemhof & Wine Dierickx
Music & composition: Stefan Schneider
Dramaturgy & script: Joachim Robbrecht
End director: Marien Jongewaard
Translation script: Rob Klinkenberg
Scenography/lighting design: Theun Mosk
Production & technique: Sabine Oldenburg
Technic: Manuel Boutreur
Technical coordinator: HP Hulscher
Thanks to: Florian Hellwig
De Warme Winkel:
a.i business leader: George Knops
Planning and sales: Marloes Marinussen
Production coordinator: Carry Hendriks
Marketing & publicity: Sanne van de Kraats
Office management: Thomas Vandewalle
Business leader: Maartje van Doodewaard
Office manager: Margreet Bergmeijer
Planning, sales & publicity: Josine Gilissen
A production by HAU, De Warme Winkel & Wunderbaum, in coproduction with the Holland Festival and BIT Teatergarasjen.
Privacy is A House on Fire coproduction, with the support of the Culture Programme of the European Union.
Photo by: Dorothea Tuch

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