After the heavy and personal subject matter in Accusations and The Memory Loss Collection choreographer Ann Van den Broek decided it was time that the scales tipped in the other direction. To the side of lightness and feeling good, to laughing together, hugging each other, be in a melancholy mood over pleasant memories.

The sketches in Creating Joy that came out of the research process are some of the elements used to create the new production Joy Enjoy Joy. A performance that celebrates the flow of life. A driving and pulsating flow, constantly moving, never stopping. The flow is fed by small acts and gestures that offer solace, give pleasure or bring peace.

Joy Enjoy Joy goes beyond the boundaries of the various art forms with a combination of movement, (live) music, the spoken word and video that we have come to expect from WArd/waRD.

Joy Enjoy Joy illustrates a transition: rejecting all accusation and reproaches, regrets and unreachable desires. And finding solace and a sense of security for a restless soul. After all, for Ann Van den Broek pleasure is not easy-going and carefree; there will always palpable rough patches. But there is a real desire to just go with the flow.

concept and choreography
Ann Van den Broek
performers Marion Bosetti, Carla Guerra, Louis Combeaud, Frauke Mariën, Jean-Gabriel Maury, Kamil Pilarski, Nik Rajšek, Isaiah Selleslaghs
music Nicolas Rombouts
lyrics Gregory Frateur
video- and lighting design Bernie van Velzen
scenography Niek Kortekaas
styling costumes Ann Van den Broek
rehearsal director Pol Van den Broek
first presentation 12 January 2022, La Filature, Mulhouse (FR)
dutch premiere 19 February 2022, Theater Rotterdam, Rotterdam (NL)

Joy Enjoy Joy is a production of WArd/waRD  (NL/BE) in coproduction with permanent partners Theater Rotterdam (NL) and ccBerchem (BE). Coproduction partners are La Filature, Mulhouse (FR) and Theater Freiburg (DE). The project is financially supported by Fonds Podiumkunsten (NL).


12 Joy Enjoy Joy –  La Filature, Mulhouse (FR) WORLD PREMIERE
13 Joy Enjoy Joy –  La Filature, Mulhouse (FR)
28 Joy Enjoy Joy –  Theater Freiburg (DE)

19 Joy Enjoy Joy –  Theater Rotterdam (NL)
20 Joy Enjoy Joy –  Theater Rotterdam (NL)
24 Joy Enjoy Joy –  De Nieuwe Vorst, Tilburg (NL) – Cancelled
25 Joy Enjoy Joy –  Toneelschuur, Haarlem (NL) – Cancelled
26 Joy Enjoy Joy –  Toneelschuur, Haarlem (NL) – Cancelled

1 Joy Enjoy Joy –  corso (BE)
3 Joy Enjoy Joy – Het Nationale Theater, Den Haag (NL)
17 Joy Enjoy Joy – De Lawei, Drachten (NL)
18 Joy Enjoy Joy – LUX, Nijmegen (NL)
23 Joy Enjoy Joy –  ITA, Amsterdam (NL)
29 Joy Enjoy Joy – De Nieuwe Vorst, Tilburg (NL)

1 Joy Enjoy Joy –  Chassé Theater, Breda (NL)
23 Concert Memory Loss Collection – Dag van de Dans, Vlaanderen (BE)

1 Joy Enjoy Joy –  Tanec Praha, Prague (CZ)
2 Joy Enjoy Joy –  Tanec Praha, Prague (CZ)
7 Joy Enjoy Joy –  June Events, Paris (FR)

7 Joy Enjoy Joy – Julidans, De Meervaart, Amsterdam (NL)
8 Joy Enjoy Joy – Julidans, De Meervaart, Amsterdam (NL)

Photo by: Rio Staelens

For more information, presmap, riders and financial conditions please contact Line Rousseau or Marion Gauvent