Man: Driven, intelligent and determined. True to himself, he is absorbed by his thoughts. His self-imposed solitude becomes loneliness.
Woman: his counterpoint. Observant, analytical and contemplative. On the one hand understanding and admiration for his world, on the other incomprehension and a desire to connect. Bodies without contact. Bodies in desperation.

I SOLO MENT is an interwoven double solo. A distant, yet loving sketch. Inspiration for the music, composed by Arne Van Dongen, is Nick Cave: the man, his music, his universe. The medium photography, specifically the photographs of Tom Van den Broek, were a source of inspiration for videographer Bernie van Velzen as well as set designer Niek Kortekaas.

I SOLO MENT was nominated for a Zwaan (Swan) by the VSCD (Dutch Association of Theatre and Concert Hall Directors) as one of the most impressive dance productions of the 2008/2009 season and was selected for the Nederlandse Dansdagen (Dutch Dance Festival) as one of the most important productions.

concept and choreography Ann Van den Broek
original cast Dario Tortorelli, Cecilia Moisio
music composition Arne Van Dongen
stage design Niek Kortekaas
video and lighting design Bernie van Velzen
photography Maarten Vanden Abeele
premiere November 9, 2008, Theater aan het Spui, Den Haag (NL)
International bookings: A propic, Line Rousseau& Marion Gauvent
I SOLO MENT was produced by Korzo productions (The Hague, NL), in coproduction with WArd/waRD (BE) and ccBerchem (Antwerp, BE). The production also received financial support of ccGenk (BE). For I SOLO MENT Korzo productions received a grant of the Dutch Fund for the performing arts (NL).
Photo by: Maarten van den Abeele
Photo: Bob Driessen

For more information, pressmap, riders, financial information please contact Line Rousseau or Marion Gauvent

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