Mirlitons - Aymeric Hainaux & François Chaignaud (2023)

it is a kind of flute for children,
it’s a doggerel,
it’s a Louis d’or coin marked with the value 2,
it’s a military headgear,
and it is also a pastry (a cream roll).

« The place like an arena. The moment as the veritable ground of a free act. Two bodies, masked, martial, unrecognizable, proud, pared down, and rattling. Microphones, loudspeakers, risers, bells, shoes. A ritual, presentations, a confrontation, a knot, a denouement. A total saturation of frequencies and muscles: a therapy through excess. BODIES and SOUNDS torn between the melancholy of vanished rituals and the aggressiveness of current events. LIPS and HEELS in search of a forgotten code. BEATBOX and PERCUSSION in a duel, gracious and enduring: a wall, a halo, an ancient world lost in the face of toxic perspiration, buried in the two fighters. Search for a personal expansion, a harmony, a love. » – François Chaignaud and Aymeric Hainaux

concept and beatbox Aymeric Hainaux
concept and choreography François Chaignaud
artistic collaboration Sarah Chaumette
costumes Sari Brunel
technical manager Marinette Buchy

Photo: Thibault Manuel

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