Three celestial bodies launched into orbit vibrate in a lascivious and hypnotic ritual. Dog Rising explores the circulation of physical matter and the passage of vibrations through our bodies. 

From primitive impulses to gestures that are at times sexual, at times mechanical, Clara Furey’s new creation comes together like a polyphony of pulsating bodies, in turns dissonant and in unison. The choreographer pursues her exploration of physical phenomena, initiated with Cosmic Love. She turns her attention to the way sound vibrations penetrate the bones, the way our skeletons absorb shocks, and listens closely to the presence of the body as it fully manifests itself.

On stage with Brian Mendez and Be Heintzman Hope, Furey erects an architecture of pleasure. The trio is inhabited and nourished by empathy and acute attention to the energy of the body and to others. Through their tireless movement work, tensions are released in the endless repetition of cyclical gestures. Dog Rising invites us to embark on an extreme journey, a mesmerising, haunting, and penetrating spiral. It is an invitation to grow and regenerate physical strength through shocks and discomfort sublimated into joy, with a musical score by her loyal collaborator Tomas Furey.

Dog Rising is a part of ACT: Art, Climate, Transition, a European cooperation project on ecology, climate change and social transition. In an era of climate breakdown, pandemics, mass extinction and growing inequalities, we join our forces in a project on hope: connecting broad perspectives with specific, localised possibilities, ones that invite or demand that we ACT. ​​

Concept and artistic direction: Clara Furey
Choreographed by: Clara Furey, in association with Be Heintzman Hope, Brian Mendez & Winnie Ho
Performed by: Clara Furey, Be Heintzman Hope, Brian Mendez
Rehearsal: Lucie Vigneault
Musical composition: Tomas Furey
Technical director & Lighting design: Karine Gauthier
Words by: Coral Short
Outside eye: Peter Jasko, Dana Michel, Christopher Willes, Caroline Monnet International Development: A propic | Line Rousseau & Marion Gauvent

Produced by: Clara Furey
Executive producer: Par B.l.eux
Co-produced by: Atelier De Paris – Cdcn (France), Cd Spectacles (Gaspé, Canada), Centre Chorégraphique National d’Orléans – Direction Maud Le Pladec (France), Festival Transamériques (Montréal, Canada), La Briqueterie – Centre de Développement Chorégraphique National du Val-de-Marne (Vitry-Sur-Seine, France), La Rotonde (Québec, Canada), New Baltic Dance (Vilnius, Lithuania)
Partners and support for creation: Par B.l.eux (Montréal, Canada), l’Écart – Art Actuel (Rouyn-Noranda, Canada), Danse à la Carte (Montréal, Canada)

The creation of this work was made possible thanks to the financial support of: Conseil Des Arts Du Canada, Conseil Des Arts Et Des Lettres Du Québec & Conseil Des Arts De Montréal


4 March Dog Rising – Théâtre d’Orléans (FR)
17 March Dog Rising + Rather a Ditch – Trillium, Ottawa (CA)
18 March Dog Rising + Rather a Ditch – Trillium, Ottawa (CA)
19 MarchDog Rising + Rather a Ditch – Trillium, Ottawa (CA)

18 May Dog Rising- June Events Festival-Atellier de Paris, Paris (FR) world premiere (cancelled)
26 May Dog Rising – FTA, Montreal (CA)
27 May Dog Rising – FTA, Montreal (CA)
28 May Dog Rising – FTA, Montreal (CA)
29 May Dog Rising – FTA, Montreal (CA)
12 October Dog Rising – Theater Rotterdam (NL)
13 October Dog Rising – Theater Rotterdam (NL)
15 October Dog Rising – Atelier de Paris (FR)
16 October Dog Rising – Atelier de Paris (FR)`


For more information, press map, riders and financial conditions please contact Line Rousseau or Marion Gauvent


Photo: Kinga Michalska