Creating Joy

In Ann Van den Broek’s work duality, the delicate balance between control and letting go, between the positive and the negative, between masking and honestly divulging is always palpable. A predilection for the dark and the tragic side often prevails, so it was about time the balance tipped to the other side: To that of lightness and feeling good, to laughing together, embracing each other, nostalgically remembering old, but pleasant memories: creating joy!

But the corona crisis put quite a damper on those notions. A universal event put this perspective under pressure: The universal became personal instead of the other way around.

Creating Joy is not an ‘everyday production’. The structure is fragmented, sketchy. A record of daily activities, searching for meaning, pleasure and the will to go on. How you can find comfort, strength and tranquility in your head with simple activities: baking bread, a massage, rays of sunshine in spring, a good conversation.

Once again Ann shows the world on stage and beyond in a unique mix of real-time and prerecorded images in combination with live performances tied together by a master of ceremonies. There will be screens, a movable and compact set, social distancing and dancers working from home via a livestream.

In doing so, Creating Joy is also an account of making theater in an uncertain period. A time that places enormous demands on the ability of the choreographer and her performers to adapt. After all, with or without an audience, postponement or cancellation hangs over every performance like the Sword of Damocles. And yet they have started working on this new project in high spirits. It’s all about creating joy!


concept and choreography Ann Van den Broek
performers (on stage and at home) Gregory Frateur, Louis Combeaud, Marion Bosetti, Jean-Gabriel Maury, Carla Guerra
original music composed and written by Nicolas Rombouts, Gregory Frateur
video- and lighting design Bernie van Velzen
scenography Niek Kortekaas
styling costumes Ann Van den Broek
assistant choreography and rehearsal director Nik Rajšek
prefilmed guestperformers by Tijs Delbeke, Sjoerd Bruil, Nicolas Rombouts, Gregory Frateur, Frauke Mariën, Nik Rajšek, Niek Kortekaas, Jutta Troch, Pieter Theuns, Ann Van den Broek
inspired by the original song A Part Of Us All by Dez Mona and B.O.X.
voice of An Hackselmans in interview with Ann Van den Broek
photography Rio Staelens
first presentation April 1, 2021, online

Creating Joy is a production of WArd/waRD (NL/BE) in co-production with permanent partners Theater Rotterdam (NL) and ccBerchem (BE). The project is supported by Fonds Podiumkunsten (NL).

under construction

17 Creating Joy – TR Schouwburg, Rotterdam (NL) WORLD PREMIERE cancelled
18 Creating Joy – TR Schouwburg, Rotterdam (NL)  cancelled
24 Creating Joy – Theater de Nieuwe Vorst, Tilburg (NL) cancelled
26 Creating Joy – Cultuurfabriek, Roermond (NL) cancelled
27 Creating Joy – Theater Ins Blaue, Leiden (NL) cancelled

1 Creating Joy – Theater Rotterdam (NL) online
2 Creating Joy – Theater Rotterdam (NL) online
3 Creating Joy – Theater Rotterdam (NL) online
4 Creating Joy – Theater Rotterdam (NL) online
6 Creating Joy – Bellevue Theater, Amsterdam (NL) cancelled
8 Creating Joy – Drachten (NL) cancelled
10 Creating Joy – Ainsi, Maastricht (NL) cancelled
13 Creating Joy – Toneelschuur, Haarlem (NL) cancelled
15 Creating Joy – Lux, Nijmegen (NL) cancelled
17 Creating Joy – De Verbeelding, Puremend (NL) cancelled
20 Creating Joy – Corrosia, Almere (NL) cancelled
21 Creating Joy – Stadstheater, Arnhem (NL) cancelled
23 Creating Joy – Theater Kikker, Utrecht (NL) cancelled
24 Creating Joy – Theater Kikker, Utrecht (NL) cancelled
29 Creating Joy – Chassé Theater, Breda (NL) cancelled

1 Creating Joy – Korzo Theater, Den Haag (NL) cancelled
26 Creating Joy – Corrosia Theater, Film & Expo, Almere (NL) cancelled
31 Creating Joy – ECI Cultuurfabriek, Helmond (NL) cancelled
27 Creating Joy – Theater ins Blau, Leiden (NL) cancelled

2 Creating Joy – Chassé Theater, Breda (NL) cancelled
3 Creating Joy – LUX, Nijmegen (NL) cancelled
4 Creating Joy – TR Schouwburg, Rotterdam (NL) cancelled
5 Creating Joy – TR Schouwburg, Rotterdam (NL) cancelled

1 Creating Joy – Julidans, Amsterdam (NL)
2 Creating Joy – Julidans, Amsterdam (NL)

16 Creating Joy – Theater Rotterdam (NL)

Photo by: Rio Staelens

For more information, presmap, riders and financial conditions please contact Line Rousseau or Marion Gauvent