“To die… to go into the darkness… if it is darkness… to go to the river… if it is a river… but alone and without the illusion of love… naked and disastrously free…” Howard Barker

Clara Furey brings us a piece echoing the hypnotic Steve Reich album Different Trains and its exploration of destiny’s duality and fragility. Created for the first Montreal edition of Oliver Bertrand’s Projet ALBUM, Rather a Ditch puts into play Furey’s existential dance experiments, driving an exploration of the porous boundaries between life and death.

Céline Bonnier slips from one state to the other. She explores internal landscapes and finds radiance in an all-encompassing darkness. In dialogue with the imposing yet fragile scenography imagined by Caroline Monnet, across the lines of space and sound, the work’s choreography creates a language that is both figurative and abstract, where the most basic movements take on new meaning.


Original Idea: Olivier Bertrand
Concept And Artistic Direction: Clara Furey
Co-Creation And Performance: Céline Bonnier
Sonic Conception: Jean-François Blouin
Sonic Research: Ida Toninato
Set Design: Caroline Monnet
Costume Design: Michèle Hamel
Lighting Design And Technical Direction On Tour: Karine Gauthier
Lighting Design Assistant: Tim Rodrigues
Technical Direction: Maude Bernier
Outside Eyes: Andrew Tay, Christopher Willes
Production: Clara Furey
Executive Production: Par B.L.Eux
Partners And Creation Support: Centro Per La Scena Contemporanea (Csc) De Bassano Del Grappa, Danse À La Carte, La Chapelle, Scènes Contemporaines, Par B.L.Eux
Co-Production: Festival Transamériques, La Chapelle – Scènes Contemporaines
The creation of this work was made possible thanks to the financial support of Canada Council For The Arts and Conseil Des Arts Et Des Lettres Du Québec



17 Dog Rising + Rather a Ditch – Trillium, Ottawa (CA)
18 Dog Rising + Rather a Ditch – Trillium, Ottawa (CA)
19 Dog Rising + Rather a Ditch – Trillium, Ottawa (CA)

01 – Impulstanz, Vienna (AT) CANCELLED
02 – Impulstanz, Vienna (AT) CANCELLED
08 – Impulstanz, Vienna (AT) CANCELLED
09 – Impulstanz, Vienna (AT) CANCELLED

26 – Festival transamériques – Montréal, Canada (worldwide premiere)
27 – Festival transamériques – Montréal, Canada
28 – Festival transamériques – Montréal, Canada
29 – Festival transamériques – Montréal, Canada
30 – Festival transamériques – Montréal, Canada

27 – Off Parcours Danse, Théâtre de la Chapelle, Montreal (CA)
28 – Off Parcours Danse, Théâtre de la Chapelle, Montreal (CA)
29 – Off Parcours Danse, Théâtre de la Chapelle, Montreal (CA)

Photo: Mathieu Verreault